Comments from the students

“Proph made it easier for me to share and communicate how I feel”

“I would love Proph to come back, I don’t like Rap Therapy, I love it!”

“I found Rap Therapy amazing but I was a little nervous sometimes. I was lovely, he was a really nice person and I hope I get to see him again.

“At first I was anxious to perform in front of the small group, but as the weeks passed all my fears went away and I managed to perform in front of the whole class assembly.”

“I feel good about Rap Therapy because all my fear was in my body and drained out of me as I pull all of my emotions into the rap. Now I’m less worried and more comfortable about that kind of stuff. Bring Rap Therapy back!”

Client feedback


“The final performance was inspiring and everyone in the school loved hearing the rap, with staff commenting on how impressd they were with the children’s writing.

Bhishma went over and above, spending time one to one with key pupils, talking with them and encouraging them.”

Jubilee Primary School



9th September 2018

“From the start, they were very professional and devised a workshop that would meet our needs. All of the children learned something new, the workshop flowed and the children loved the facilitators.

 There was an emphasis on teamwork and cooperative learning, which helped the children feel that they had really achieved something at the end of the session.”  

Rockmount Primary School 



29th June 2018

 “Our student still struggled with peer pressure and often ended up in trouble as a result of showing off and trying to prove himself in front of his peers.

Rap Therapy gave him a means to express himself and direct his energy into something really positive. I could really see how proud he was of the finished product of the rap and felt a real sense of achievement.” 

The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy 



11th May 2018 

Creative Academic Magazine